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Founded in 2005, Mad Pro Designs has over a decade of experience building solutions for our clients. Not just a development shop, we can speak the language of our clients, bridging the gap between design and code. Problem-solvers with a pulse, we always figure it out.

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We design and develop long-term strategies for a web that is constantly changing. In this industry, it’s adapt or die. And we approach our client projects using that same philosophy.

Though we’d love to build our clients one website that lasts a lifetime, the always evolving Internet determines our clients need a partner that will commit to their site for the long haul. That’s us. In fact, we’ll strive to become the last agency you’ll ever use.

We’ve built our agency on several long-term partnerships that have led us to several others. That’s because we dedicate ourselves to making sure our clients are completely satisfied for a long time to come.

Carriers Reveal Nexus 6 Launch Plans…



The Nexus 6 smartphone is coming soon to major U.S. mobile carriers—just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Google introduced the 6-inch handset last month, alongside the next-generation Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system and Nexus 9 tablet.

The phone—supplies of which have already been depleted in the Google Play store—is also coming to the major carriers.


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Fifty Shades Of Grey Gets a Naughty Trailer

Once again, we have a much-anticipated new trailer for a much-anticipated new movie where the method of distribution is arguably as interesting as the trailer itself. And quite frankly, I can think of no better place to debut said trailer than during ABC’s much-watched (by the prize demographic among others) Scandal. The demographics are ripe for the picking, and I…

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