Deluxe Design Package

Package Includes

A website with up to 20 pages of whatever your heart desires! More then enough pages & information available to have the look of a full professional site!
Blogging not only helps your readers stay up to date with everything your company is doing, but it also helps your site get high rankings on Google since the content is fresh and new! You will receive a one page Blog on your website, that you can write on & create content for anytime you want!
This logo will be created exclusively for you and your website or business. You will have up to 10 revisions & be apart of the design process through every step of the way. Want your Logo now? No more waiting to get the logo you've been dreaming of! Get your custom logo delivered within 5 business days of the design consultation! Need different image formats? We've got you covered! We'll give you your logo in different image file formats so you can use it anywhere including print! Just tell us the formats you need during the initial design consultation!
Sharing your content with social media increases your exposure over 50% when done correctly! We add social media sharing tools to your control panel & website, so you can increase your traffic and reach more users with the click of a button!
If computer language gets you a little overwhelmed and you not sure how to get started in creating your own website, Don't Worry! We will create your account, purchase your domain, and set up your hosting for you!
People love pictures, which is why having a photo gallery created for your website is essential when trying to keep the attention of your visually stimulated audience.
Don't you hate marketing & advertising then having no idea if it's working or not? Worry no more! We will include a custom Stats page inside the customer client control panel inside your website so you can see your stats 24 hours a day 7 days per week!
Want your audience to sign up for a custom Newsletter sent directly from you to them? No problem! We will create a custom Newsletter template and page for your audience to sign up on. Then the power is in your hands to send them newsletters whenever you wish!
Want a page that not only shows your location, but lets your audience send you a message discreetly from the website? We've got you covered! We will create a page that shows a Google map location of your business & lets them contact you directly from the site to send you whatever information you allow.
Your website will include a user friendly control panel so you can make changes to your site anytime you wish. Be as creative as you wish!
Over 50% of internet browsing is done on a mobile phone or tablet, but only 20% of those sites on the internet are mobile or tablet ready. We will make sure your site is not only mobile & tablet ready but responsive and fast!.
You site will come completely SEO Optimized & ready to create the best search engine results on delivery! We will create custom headers, tags, and utilize special plugins to make your site run at it's most optimized & search engine friendly.
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Deluxe Design Website Package Only $999